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116 Shells from a 30.6
AA good man is hard to find
A little rain
A sigh for sore eyes
A sweet little bullet
Adios lounge
All stripped down
All the world is green
Annie's back in town
Another man's vine
Anywhere i lay my head
Apartment for rent
BBaby gonna leave me
Back in the good old world
Bad liver and a broken heart
Barber shop
Bend down the branches
Better off without a wife
Big black Mariah
Big in Japan
Big Joe and phantom 309
Black market baby
Black wings
Blind love
Blow wind blow
Blue skies
Blue valentine
Broken bicycles
Burma shave
CCemetery polka
Chocolate Jesus
Christmas card from a hooker in Minneapolis
Clang boom steam
Clap hands
Cold cold ground
Cold water
Come on up to the house
Coney island baby
DDay after tomorrow
Dead and lovely
Depot, depot
Diamonds and gold
Diamonds on my windshield
Dirt in the ground
Don't go into that barn
Down, down, down
Downtown train
Drunk on the moon
EEarth died screaming
Eggs and sausage
Emotional weather
Everything goes to hell
Everything you can think
Eyeball Kid
FFilipino box spring hog
Flash pan hunter
Flowers grave
Foreign afair
Frank's song
Frank's theme
Franks wild years
Fumblin' with the blues
GGeorgia Lee
Get behind the mule
Gin soaked boy
God's away on business
Goin' out west
Going down slow
Good old world
Gospel train
Grapefruit moon
Green grass
Gun street girl
HHad me a girl
Hang down your head
Hang on St. Christopher
Heartattack and vine
Hoist that rag
Hold on
House where nobody lives
How's it gonna end
II beg your pardon
I can't wait to get off work
I don't wanna grow up
I hope that i don't fall in love with you
I'll be gone
I'll shoot the moon
I'll take New York
I'm still here
I'm your late night evening prostitute
I never talk to strangers
I want you
I wish i was in New Orleans
Ice cream man
In between love
In the colosseum
In the neighborhood
Innocent when you dream
Invitation to the blues
Is there any way out of this dream
JJack and Neal
Jersey girl
Jesus gonna be here
Jitterbug boy
Jockey full of bourbon
Johnsburg, illinois
Just the right bullets
KKentucky avenue
LLittle boy blue
Little drop of poison
Little trip to heaven
Looks like i'm up
Lost in the harbour
Lowside of the road
Lucky day
MMake it rain
Metropolitan glide
Midnight lullaby
Misery is the river of the world
Mockin' bird
More than rain
Mr. Siegal
Murder in the red barn
NNew coat of paint
Nighthawk postcards
No one knows i'm gone
OOl' 55
Old boyfriends
Old shoes
On a foggy night
On the nickel
Once upon a town
PPasties and a G-string
Picking up after you
Picture in a frame
Please, call-me baby
Please wake me up
Poncho's lament
Poor Edward
Potter's field
Putnam country
RRain dogs
Red shoes by the drugstore
Rockin chair
Romeo is bleeding
Ruby's arms
SSaving all my love for you
Semi suite
Shake it
Shiver me timbers
Shore leave
Sins of my father
Small change
So it goes
So long i'll see ya
Soldier's things
Spare parts I
Starving in the belly of a whale
Step right up
Straight to the top
Such a scream
TT'aint no sin
Table top Joe
Take it with me
Take me home
Tango 'til they're sore
Telephone call from Istanbul
That feel
That's the way
The black rider
The briar and the rose
The ghosts of saturday night
The heart of saturday night
The last rose of summer
The ocean doesn't want me
The one that got away
The other side of the world
The part you throw away
The piano has been drinking
The wages of love
This one's from the heart
Til the money runs out
Tom Traubert's blues
Top of the hill
Town with no cheer
Train song
Trampled rose
Troubles braids
Union square
VVirginia ave
WWalking Spanish
Warm beer and cold women
Watch her disappear
Way down in the hole
We're all mad here
What's he building
When you ain't got nobody
Whisling past the graveyard
Whistle down the wind
Who are you
Wrong side of the road
YYesterday is here
You can't unring a bell
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