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AA dream like mine
A life story
A long time love song
A Montreal song
After the rain
All's quiet on the inner city front
All the diamonds in the world
All the ways i want you
And we dance
Anything can happen
Arrows of light
BBadlands flashback
Berlin tonight
Birmingham shadows
Blueberry Hill
Bone in my ear
Bright sky
Broken wheel
Burden of the angel
CCall it democracy
Can i go with you
Candy man's gone
Change your mind
Child of the wind
Christmas song
Civilization and its discontents
Closer to the light
Coldest night of the year
Creation dream
Cry of a tiny babe
DDancing in paradise
Deja vu
Don't feel your touch
Don't have to tell you why
Down here tonight
Dust and diesel
Dweller by a dark stream
Fascist architecture
Feast of fools
Feet fall on the road
Festival of friends
For the birds
Free to be
GGavin's woodpile
Get up Jonah
God bless the children
Going to the country
Going up against chaos
Golden serpent blues
Gospel of bondage
Great big love
Grim travellers
Guerilla betrayed
HHappy good morning blues
He came from the mountain
High winds white sky
Hills of morning
Homme brulant
Hoop dancer
How i spent my fall vacation
IIf a tree falls
If i had a rocket launcher
In the falling dark
Incandescent blue
Indian wars
Isn't that what friends are for
It's going down slow
It won't be long
JJanuary in the halifax airport lounge
Joy will find a way
KKeep it open
Kit Carson
LLament for the last days
Let the bad air out
Let us go laughing
Life's mistress
Life will open
Listen for the laugh
Little seahorse
Live on my mind
MMore not more
Musical friends
My lady and my lord
NNanzen ji
Never so free
Night train
No footprints
Northern lights
OOne day i walk
One of the best ones
PPacing the cage
Pangs of love
Peggy's kitchen wall
People see through you
Planet of the clowns
Prenons la mer
Put our hearts together
RRadium rain
Red brother red sister
Rumours of glory
SSahara gold
Santiago dawn
Scanning these crowds
See how i miss you
Shining mountain
Shipwrecked at the stable door
Silver wheels
Somebody touched me
Someone i used to love
Soul of a man
Southland of the heart
Spring song
Stained glass
Stolen land
Strange waters
TThe bicycle trip
The blues got the world
The charity of night
The coming rains
The embers of eden
The gift
The last night of the world
The mines of Mozambique
The rose above the sky
The strong one
The thirteenth mountain
The trouble with normal
The whole night sky
Thoughts on a rainy afternoon
Tibetan side of town
Tie me at the crossroads
To raise the morning star
Together alone
Tropic moon
UUnderstanding nothing
Up on the hillside
Use me while you can
WWaiting for a miracle
Waiting for the moon
Wanna go walking
What about the Bond
When the sun falls
When the sun goes nova
When you give it away
Where the death squad lives
Wondering where the lions are
World of wonders
YYou don't have to play the horses
You get bigger as you go
You pay your money
You point to the sky
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